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Nakira’s World engages curiosities and inspires us all to be adventurous and relentless in our pursuit of knowledge and shows us how important it is for young children of color to see themselves in the world of STEM.

Companies, foundations and organizations can purchase Nakira’s World products in bulk to support, literacy, STEM and learning in the community for schools, community centers, libraries, etc.

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Purchase Nakira’s World products in bulk for schools, libraries or community centers. Our products make great gifts for team members as well.

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Partner with us to have Nakira serve as an educational spokesperson for your work, explaining complex STEM ideas to younger children.

“I loved seeing a diverse group of children featured in the puzzles…. I loved how simple the program was and the potential to take it anywhere. We can have it at the library, in a park, and at a childcare center. A family with multiple ages can attend. Together they can do it and all the children are engaged in the hands-on. Children’s librarians love simple hands-on activities that are easy to replicate at home and support informal learning as a family”

-Kelly, Librarian and collaborator for Nakira’s World Library Programming

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